Text for 1910 Roadster Specifications

              I. H. C. Roadster
roadster to the automobile public,
we are pleased to announce that
this car more than meets the exacting
requirements which are imposed upon
designers of International auto
vehicles. In general appearance and design, this car is
all that the most particular automobile enthusiasts can
expect. The graceful lines must appeal to those who have
aesthetic taste. This car will be specially desirable for
those who want a light roadster. The seat is roomy and
comfortable. The levers for controlling the mechanism are
convenient to the driver. This car is a shaft drive, and
is furnished regularly with two oil side lamps, one oil tail
lamp, two gas headlights, generator, tools and horn. On
special order, at a small additional expense, a Toy tonneau
with a roomy rumble seat will be furnished; extra rear
boot box; top with side and front curtains; wind shield;
gas tank; combined   speedometer and odometer,  and  jack.
L   H
BODY     ......    One seat, with rear boot box
COLOR Gear—light red.    Body — wine.
UPHOLSTERING   .    .    Full leather.
WHEEL BASE   ...    92 inches.
GAUGE 56 inches.
TIRES 34 x 3'A inches.    Q. D. rims.
BRAKES Internal   expanding   on   rear   wheels, operated   by
hand   lever.    Contracting   transmission   brake
operated by foot pedal.
SPRINGS 36 x 1M.    Full elliptic front and rear.
FRAME Wood and steel.
HORSE POWER     .    .    18-20.
MOTOR Four cylinders,  bore 3X", stroke 3X"; valve in the
head construction.    This construction permits the
valve and cage to be removed as a unit.    A single
cam shaft operates both the inlet and the exhaust
valves.    Five large phosphor bronze bearings on
crank shaft.
COOLING Double automatic fan.    Perfect air cooling.
IGNITION Jump spark.
CURRENT SUPPLY .    Magneto with reserve set of batteries for starting.
CARBURETOR  .    .    .    Float feed.
LUBRICATION .    .    .    Mechanical  oiler maintains constant level of oil in
crank   case,    lubricating   bearings,    connections,
pistons, cylinders, etc.
MOTOR CONTROL    .    Spark and throttle levers on steering post.
CLUTCH Large diameter, wide face cone.
TRANSMISSION     .    .    Ball bearing sliding gear.
CONTROL Foot pedals  for  operating  clutch and transmission
brake.    Side levers for gear change and emergency
DRIVE Shaft.
EQUIPMENT ....    Two  oil   side   lamps,   one  oil  tail   lamp,   two   gas
headlights, generator, tools and horn.
SPECIAL FEATURES    Toy tonneau,   with roomy rumble seat.    Extra rear
boot   box.     Top,    with   side  and   front   curtains.
Wind shield.    "Prest-O-Lite" gas tank.   Combined
speedometer and odometer.    Jack.               
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