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              Year      Month Recipient
1975      3 Nalionai Science Foundation
1975      4 National Science Foundation, NASA, and the Office of Naval
1975       5
1975      5 Army Corps of Engineers
1975       6
For squandering $84,000 to try to find out why people fall in love.
For spending over $500,000 to determine under what conditions rats, monkeys, and humans bite and clench their jaws.
For a $98,029 contract given to study the ali-volunleer army concept
in foreign countries two years after an all-volunteer army was adopted by the U.S,
Foran attempt to commit billions of dollars to build a series of new locks and dams on the Mississippi River under a 1909 law designed only for the maintenance, repair, or replacement of existing structures.
For living high off the hog while much of the rest of the country is suffering economic disaster.
1975      7 Bureau of Land
1975      8 Federal Aviation Administration
1975      8 National Institute on Drug Abuse
Department of the Navy
For requiring useless papew/ork on a contract that resulted in a $4000 piece of equipment costing over$15,000.
For a $57,800 study of the body measurements of airline stewardess trainees for the purpose of safety equipment.
For spending more than $1 million to probe marijuana effects on sexual arousal, hypnosis, facial expressions of Americans, marijuana use among the Zulus and the use of Qat by the people in the Arabian Peninsula.
For using 64 aircraft to fly 1334 officers to the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas for a reunion of a pmate organization during the height of the energy crisis.
1975     10 Nationallnstitute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
1975     11  Frank Zarb, Administrator of the Federal Energy Administration
For spending millions of dollars to find out If drunk fish are more aggressive tlian sober fisli, ï young rats are more likely than adult rats to dnnk booze in order to reduce anxiety, and of rats can be systematically turned unto alcoholics.
For spending $25,000 and using almost 19,000 gallons of fuel in ten months jetting about the country in chartered aircraft urging businessmen and civic groups to economize on energy resources.               
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Golden Fleece Awards, 1975-1987

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