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    • Robert M. La Follette, Sr.
    • Robert M. La Follette, Sr.: This article reprints an address given by Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Earl Warren (1891-1974), in honor of Robert M. La Follette, Sr. (1855-1925). Warren credits La Follette for his work in battling numerous...
    • 1954-1955
    • The audience that listened to Chief Jus¬ tice Warren's impressive address to honor the late Robert M. La Follette, Sr., experienced an added measure of ad¬ miration for its native son and distin¬ guished statesman. This June 19 Sunday will live...

    • The MacArthurs and the Mitchells : Wisconsin's first military families
    • The MacArthurs and the Mitchells: Wisconsin’s First Military Families. U.S. Navy pilot Jeffrey J. McLean compares three generations in two famous Wisconsin families, the MacArthurs and Mitchells. The first generation achieved prominent political...
    • 2010-2011
    • WMoHwinIO 10/26/10 6:15PM Page 14 THE IHACARTHITRS f^i!^''*. GENERAL ¦FOR PRESIDENT Promotional material from MacArthur's unsuccessful bid for president 4^ I \ WHI IMAGE ID 77168 General Douglas MacArthur

    • Daniel De Leon as American
    • Daniel De Leon as American: This article examines the life of influential Marxist and Socialist Party leader Daniel De Leon (1852-1914) and his relationship to America, his adoptive homeland. The author contends that, rather than being a political...
    • 1977-1978
    • Daniel De Leon as American By L. Glen Seretan I T has been commonplace in the . historical literature of late-nine¬ teenth and early twentieth-century American socialism to portray Daniel De Leon, the dominant personality in the Socialist Labor...

    • Kids, cops & beboppers: Milwaukee's post-WWII battle with juvenile delinquency
    • Kids, Cops & Beboppers: Milwaukee’s Post-WWII Battle with Juvenile Delinquency: This article examines the rise and the subsequent treatment of juvenile delinquency in Milwaukee following World War Two, focusing especially on the Metropolitan Youth...
    • 2009-2010
    • WMoH aut09 8/12/09 9:35 AM Page 14 iy- Milwaukee Mayor Frank Zeidler received dozens of letters from concerned parents. This letter asks "respectable" boys and girls to join their mothers and fathers in the fight against juvenile delinquency. a:...

    • Dr. Victor Kutchin
    • Dr. Victor Kutchin: The life and work of Dr. Victor Kutchin (1851-1939), a curator of the Wisconsin Historical Society, is recounted here. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1851, Victor Kutchin moved to Wisconsin in 1855 with his family. ...
    • 1940-1941
    • dr victor kutchin w a titus each succeeding annual meeting of the wisconsin histori cal society is compelled to face and recognize the ravages of the grim reaper since the meeting of a year ago our old-time friend and neighbor dr victor kutchin has...

    • The first Kirmess
    • The First Kirmess: Lee W. Metzner offers a fictionalized account of the Belgian “feast day” holiday in the Town of Lincoln, Kewaunee County. This brief, light piece imagines how the Belgian settlers decided to hold the first Kirmess (a variant of...
    • 1930-1931
    • the first kirmess lee w metzner1 because there is no current holiday so distinctly belgian as the kirmess i decided to use that for my theme the decision crystallized with louis rubens last fall by ad vertising on his kirmess poster 1858 to 1930 in...

    • Leahy presentation
    • 1955-1956
    • Preliminaries of Rededication Leahy Presentation Remarks by Admiral Leahy Dr. Lord and Wisconsin friends of mine (I am told that everybody in Wisconsin is a friend of mine) : I have been very much interested in this institution. I have considered...

    • Old Wade house has its memories
    • Old Wade House Has its Memories: This article prints Carl Sandburg's (1878-1967) Dedicatory Address at Wade House State Park, given in memory of Sylvanus Wade (1796-1871) and wife Betsy Wade (dates not verified). Sandburg first relates his reading...
    • 1953-1954
    • Of Carl Sandburg it must be said that the delivery of his Dedicatory Address at Wade House State Park was an experi¬ ence the audience will treasure always. The mellow resonance of his voice vied with the beauty and earnestness of his message. For...

    • The strange, sad death of Sergeant Kenney: a personal history of heroism and loss during America's Russian intervention of 1918-19
    • The Strange, Sad Death of Sergeant Kenney: A Personal Story of Heroism and Loss during America’s Russian Intervention of 1918–19: This article recounts the fate of the author's uncle, Michael Kenney (1892-1918), who immigrated from Ireland in 1917,...
    • 2001-2002

    • Lumber rafting on the Wisconsin River
    • Lumber Rafting on the Wisconsin River, part 2: This article opens by assessing the effect of railroads on the Wisconsin River Valley lumber industry. It describes how the Wisconsin River Improvement Company attempted to streamline river transport...
    • 1941-1942
    • lumber rafting on the wisconsin river w h glover part two the last lumber rafts from the wisconsin river pineries floated down the river in 1883 and an era which had lasted more than forty years ended the coming of the railroad to the sawmills was...

    • Taking the college survey : University of Wisconsin administrators and public opinion polling, 1955-1971
    • Taking the college survey: University of Wisconsin administrators and public opinion polling, 1955-1971: Robert N. Gross discusses the work of the University of Wisconsin Survey Research Laboratory (SRL). The SRL was part of an increased effort, on...
    • 2011-2012
    • COURTESY OFT UNIVERSITY OF WISC You'll Find Out How You Feel About It "Why doesn't someone ask me how I feel about It?" That perennial question was answered Wednesday by the Wisconsin Survey Research Laboratory, a unit of the University of...

    • Wilderness travelogue and Doty's loggery
    • Wilderness Travelogue and Doty's Loggery: This article is based on the narrative of English Navy Capt. Lauchlan B. Mackinnon (1815-1877) who visited Wisconsin in May 1851. The author summarizes Mackinnon's trip up the Fox River from Green Bay to...
    • 1947-1948
    • wilderness travelogue and doty's loggery by john f kienitz through the entire nineteenth century the young united states and territories within their borders offered oppor tunities for men to look out on vast landscapes relatively untouched by man...

    • A little girl of old Milwaukee
    • A Little Girl of Old Milwaukee: Martha Curtis Fitch (1836 - ?) wrote these memoirs for her great-grandson Eliot Fitch Bartlett in December 1919. She describes emigrating from Buffalo, N.Y., to rural Milwaukee Co. in 1839, and provides a wealth of...
    • 1925-1926
    • a little girl of old milwaukee martha e fitch1 in the year 1839 father mother and three little girls left buffalo new york by boat for milwaukee wisconsin the father in 1836 had taken the long trip and bought a quarter-section of government land in...

    • Historic spots in Wisconsin
    • Historic Spots in Wisconsin: Ceresco, A Pioneer Communist Settlement: This article explains how a group of reformers headed by Warren Chase (1813-1891) came together in Kenosha in 1844 to launch a utopian community. Based on the teachings of French...
    • 1921-1922
    • historic spots in wisconsin w a titus vii ceresco a pioneer communist settlement the story of the early settlement of ceresco in fond du lac county must necessarily be a history of the wisconsin phalanx that utopian and financially successful...

    • C.C. Washburn: the evolution of a flour baron
    • C.C. Washburn: The Evolution of a Flour Baron: This is a short biography of one of the "most successful entrepreneurs in Wisconsin's history," Cadwallader Colden Washburn (1818-1882). Washburn came to Wisconsin in 1842 and, with Cyrus Woodman...
    • 2004-2005

    • A piece of frontier strategy
    • 1960-1961
    • WISCONSIN :\IAGAZINE OF HISTORY SPRING, 1961 he had experienced as a young man. Calkins wrote no fiction which is not associated with the out-of-doors—forest, plains, mountains. In general his characterization is mediocre. The brevity of his...

    • Some of our pioneers
    • Some of Our Pioneers: Originally a paper read aloud in La Crosse, this short piece reviews the early Massachusetts and Vermont antecedents of some of that city’s early settlers, including Nathan Myrick (1822-1903) and various members of the...
    • 1925-1926
    • some of our pioneers1 ellis b usher when the old english poet pope wrote the proper study of mankind is man he may not have anticipated the vogue of the human interest story of today but the doings of men make materials for history there would be a...

    • Autobiography of James Albert Jackson, Sr., M. D.
    • Autobiography of James Albert Jackson, Sr., M.D., part I. Early Days: Written in the last two years of his life, and edited by his daughters Alice F. and Bettina Jackson, this autobiography of James Albert Jackson, Sr. (1840-1921), a prominent...
    • 1944-1945
    • autobiography of james albert jackson sr m.d edited by alice f and bettina jackson a t the request of numerous friends i have somewhat re aa luctantly consented to jot down the memoirs of the most <** -*¦ interesting events which have occurred...

    • Founding La Pointe Mission, 1825-1833
    • Founding La Pointe Mission, 1825-1833: This article describes the founding and early years of the La Pointe mission on Madeline Island, Ashland County, which was established to serve the Ojibwe. It discusses the work of Lyman M. Warren (b.1794),...
    • 1980-1981
    • Founding La Pointe Mission, 1825-1833 By Keith R. Widder A T noon on August 30, 1831, an .open boat carrying the Reverend Sherman Hall, a Presbyterian minister from Vermont, touched the beach at La Pointe on Madeline Island, Wisconsin, in Lake Su¬...

    • Co-operation between the State Historical Society and local societies
    • Co-operation Between the State Historical Society and Local Societies: Wisconsin Historical Society director Joesph Schafer argues for close relations between local experts and their unique collections, on the one hand, and the state's large,...
    • 1920-1921
    • co-operation between the state histori cal society and local societies1 joseph schafer a friend once remarked that the library of the wisconsin historical society was an historian's heaven if the intention was to describe it as a very delightful...


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