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    • Frederick Jackson Turner, historian
    • Frederick Jackson Turner, Historian: The author was a Turner student, and delivered this paper at a 1941 academic conference devoted to his mentor. He explains Turner's mission as investigating how geographical, cultural, sociological,...
    • 1941-1942
    • frederick jackson turner historian by avery craven in 1904 eleven years after the presentation of his essay on the significance of the frontier in american his tory frederick jackson turner wrote the american physical map may be regarded as a map...

    • From 'oppressed Flanders' to the 'most beautiful country in the world'
    • From "Oppressed Flanders" to the "Most Beautiful Country in the World": This is a very long letter by Charles-Louis Desmedt (dates unknown) written from Milwaukee, February 24, 1845. The editor concisely relates what little is known about Desmedt...
    • 1958-1959
    • From "Oppressed Flanders" to the "Most Beautiful Country in the World" Translated and Edited by Jan-Albert Goris rpHE PART THE BELGIANS played in the -*- settlement of Northeastern Wisconsin has been carefully studied by Antoine De Smet in his...

    • Wisconsin ethnic groups and the election of 1890
    • Wisconsin Ethnic Groups and the Election of 1890: The public outcry among certain ethnic communities from the Bennett Law, which enacted child labor laws, compulsory education and a stipulation that particular subjects must be taught in the English...
    • 1967-1968
    • WISCONSIN ETHNIC GROUPS AND THE ELECTION OF 1890 By Roger E. Wyman THE BENNETT LAW CONTROVERSY of 1889-1890 was one of the most exciting chapters in Wisconsin's colorful political his¬ tory. The furor over this law, a seemingly in¬ nocuous child...

    • Suffragettes on the stump: letter from the Political Equality League of Wisconsin, 1912
    • 1954-1955
    • Something new came to hamlet and crossroad when fiery women orators spread the gospel of woman suffrage as the 1912 general election approached. What do you think of their campaign¬ ing techniques? Txpical Suffrage Campaign Scene, 19J2 Suffragettes...

    • The making of a scientist: Harry L. Russell in Europe
    • The Making of a Scientist: Harry L. Russell in Europe: This is a biographical essay about Harry Luman Russell (1866-1954), professor and Dean of the College of Agriculture at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, that focuses on the year he spent...
    • 1965-1966
    • The laboratory of Elie Metchnl- koff in the Pasteur Institute, Paris, where the young Harry Russell received part of his Euro¬ pean training. McClurc's Magazine, 1893 THE MAKING OF A SCIENTIST: Harry L. Russell in Europe By Edward H....

    • The Milwaukee County Historical Society
    • The Milwaukee County Historical Society: After a brief review of the history of historical societies, this article focuses on the Milwaukee society which was founded by a group of women activists in 1935. It focuses largely on the Society's...
    • 1947-1948
    • the milwaukee county historical society by frederic heath historical societies have existed in this country from an early day of them the massachusetts historical society founded in 1791 was the first the new york historical society was organized...

    • Documents: with the first Wisconsin cavalry: 1862-1865 (II): the letters of Peter J. Williamson
    • 1942-1943
    • documents with the first wisconsin cavalry 1862-1865 ii the letters of peter j williamson edited by henry lee swint this is the concluding installment of the peter j williamson civil war letters written while he was a member of com pany f first...

    • New Orleans and the river trade: reinterpreting the role of the business community
    • New Orleans and the River Trade: Subtitled "Reinterpreting the Role of the Business Community," this article examines the events that squelched New Orleans’ anticipated rise to commercial prominence. Initially, the city seemed destined to serve as...
    • 1977-1978
    • New Orleans and the River Trade: Reinterpreting the Role of the Business Community By Lawrence H. Larsen A, T a time when students of ur- .banization are turning increas¬ ingly to studying "social mobility," "urban services," "the black community,"...

    • The collector: On eagles and flags
    • The Collector: On Eagles and Flags: Author Bertha Kitchell Whyte (b.1890) discusses the use of eagles and flags throughout American history. In particular, Whyte describes their symbolism as well as the widespread utilization of the image of the...
    • 1951-1952
    • by bertha fc whyte is your eagle and flag history a little on the hazy side mrs whyte has collected some pertinent facts which are worth reading and remembering on eagles and flags the eagle single or double headed which was used for centuries as a...

    • Annie Amelia Nunns: 1868-1942
    • Annie Amelia Nunns: 1868-1942 : This is a brief eulogy of Nunns, longtime administrator at the Wisconsin Historical Society, who had recently died. It reviews her childhood, education, and her career from the time she was hired in 1889 through...
    • 1941-1942
    • annie amelia nunns 1868-1942 nnie amelia nunns daughter of henry and mary ennever nunns was born on long island sep tember 3 1868 she died in madison january 5 1942 when a child of nine her parents settled in madison where she was to spend her life...

    • The Kraft family and Kraftwood Gardens
    • The Kraft Family and Kraftwood Gardens: This article opens with biographies of the Kraft brothers (of Kraft Foods, Inc.) and a history of the company's early years before detailing the history of Kraftwood Gardens, the family estate located in...
    • 2009-2010
    • This blackand white photo ofthe expanse ofthe Kraftwood grounds included the museum (pictured in the lower left), the "clam island" (along the shore on the upper right), and the family's personal gardens (toward the upper left). Lush flower gardens...

    • How Wisconsin women won the ballot
    • How Wisconsin Women Won the Ballot: Author Theodora Youmans (1863-1932) was at the center of the events she describes here, which makes this a particularly compelling summary of the woman's suffrage movement in Wisconsin. She first traces its...
    • 1921-1922
    • how wisconsin women won the ballot theodora w youmans . when the legislature of wisconsin grasped the first available opportunity to ratify the amendment to the constitution of the united states abolishing sex as a qual ification of voters it...

    • The Yankee and the Teuton in Wisconsin
    • The Yankee and the Teuton in Wisconsin, part 3: This is the third and final part of Joseph Schafer's series on the differences between English-speaking settlers from the northeastern states of the U.S. and their neighbors from Germany. Entitled...
    • 1922-1923
    • the yankee and the teuton in wisconsin joseph schafer iii some social traits of yankees harriet martineau the english traveler who in 1837 published a book entitled society in america was deeply impressed with new england's concern for education...

    • Mail transportation in the early days: a trip overland from the cliff mine to Appleton
    • Mail Transportation in the Early Days: A Trip Overland from the Cliff Mine to Appleton: This short sketch portrays a mid-winter journey by sleigh made by George S. Wilson during the winter of 1862-1863 from Lake Superior, through Lac Vieux Desert...
    • 1924-1925
    • mail transportation in the early days a trip overland from the cliff mine to appleton mrs t o bennett at our previous meetings we have been told of early days in the copper country — of first boat day and how it was observed also pleasant...

    • Robert M. La Follette, public prosecutor
    • Robert M. La Follette, Public Prosecutor: A survey of Robert Marion La Follette, Sr. (1855-1925)'s four years as Dane County district attorney. La Follette's reasons for becoming district attorney are briefly discussed, followed by a more detailed...
    • 1963-1964
    • ROBERT M. LA FOLLETTE, PUBLIC PROSECUTOR By David P. Thelen The second of three articles on the early career of Wisconsin's most distinguished political figure. TN 1880, a year after his graduation from -*- the University of Wisconsin where he...

    • Viewing the ruins: the early documentary history of the Aztalan site
    • Viewing the Ruins: The Early Documentary History of the Aztalan Site: This article recounts the journey of Henry B. Tatham (1818-), a Philadelphian whose handwritten manuscript of his travels includes one of the earliest known descriptions of...
    • 2007-2008
    • \ ( t 11 '^ '^ o ^r }!' \\\^l >^yc -/•^ V THE EARLY DOGU ENTARY 3 '• • -»• ,ff- V^ ). . ^^<^ '% ^-^^m^^^^^^ imitinifmmBUi.

    • Historic spots in Wisconsin
    • Historic Spots in Wisconsin: Early Milwaukee: A Polyglot Village That Became a Metropolis: The author reviews the origin of the name (Potawatomi for "good land") and then summarizes or quotes accounts of descriptions of the location by Fr. Zenobius...
    • 1926-1927
    • historic spots in wisconsin early milwaukee a polyglot village that became a metropolis w a titus within the region that is now wisconsin students of history and archeology have noted that the present day city almost always occupies the site of an...

    • Wisconsin economists and New Deal agricultural policy: the legacy of progressive professors
    • Wisconsin Economics and New Deal Agricultural Policy: This article discusses three professors at the University of Wisconsin-Madison -- John R. Commons (1862-1945), Richard T. Ely (1854-1943), and Henry C. Taylor (1873-1969) – and their profound...
    • 1996-1997
    • //fwry A, Wallace, Secretary of Agriculture. WHi(X3).51186 280

    • The story of Wisconsin, 1634-1848
    • The Story of Wisconsin, 1634-1848: This is the fourth chapter in a series of articles on Wisconsin before statehood, focusing on economic development. (20 pages)
    • 1919-1920
    • the story of wiscoxsix 1634-1848 louise phelps kellogg chapter iv territorial foundations and de velopment preteruitoeial routes the first routes to wisconsin were waterways bounded by the great lakes and the mississippi the natural means of...

    • Milwaukee's first mass
    • Milwaukee's First Mass: An account of Milwaukee's first catholic Mass of the 19th century, written by Rev. Peter Leo Johnson (1887-1973) for the occasion of the centennial celebration of the Milwaukee Catholic diocese. The author states that the...
    • 1943-1944
    • milwaukee's first mass by peter leo johnson this year the milwaukee catholic diocese is marking its one hundredth birthday the roman document which estab lished it as a diocese with milwaukee as headquarters is dated november 28 1843 at the time...


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